Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm Leaving Rome!

Hello Everyone!

This week is transfers and I am leaving Rome! I am being transferred up to Carthage. It is crazy how in just 6 short months, you can come to love an area and the people in it. I loved serving in Rome and I learned so much here. Now the lord has chosen to move me to a new place and I cannot wait to start teaching people up there! It sucks that I am leaving Elder Cosman though. We have become best friends and he is going to be hard to replace. 

Other than transfers, this week has been a little slow. We had a Zone Training Meeting on how important the Gift of the Holy Ghost is for us as well as our investigators. Without the Holy Ghost, trying to do Missionary work would be pointless. No matter how much I think I know or how good I think I teach, the Holy Ghost is the only one who can truly bring people to a lasting conversion. Conversion is a funny thing, it doesn't stop when we are baptized and confirmed. But we can always become more converted to the Gospel no matter who we are or how strong we think our conversion is.

Sorry for the short letter but I don't have a lot of time today. Lots of things to pack and tonight is the only time that I have to do it. I love and miss you all!

Elder Morgan  

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